VACU-LIFT Transportsysteme GmbH

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For more than 45 years VACU-LIFT is developing, producing and selling vacuum transport systems. As the inventor of independent vacuum lifters, we have gained an internationally acknowledged reputation. More than 25,000 devices are in use around the world and we can proudly claim to be one of the leading manufacturers of vacuum transport systems worldwide. VACU-LIFT is a guarantor for sophisticated systems with longlife durability and convenience in use and functionality.


VACU-LIFT Transportsysteme GmbH
48282 Emsdetten Germany
Tel. +49 2572-93730
Email :  info[at]

Our vacuum transport systems

VacuLifters® are designed for various branches of industry and multifunctional applications. Either as a standard or as a customized system. Individual fields of application and the enormous versatility of our vacuum transport systems leave nothing to be desired. Our solutions are the essential component for the economical and failure free operation of many companies.